Workshop Outcome

The following are the outcome of the Breakout Session:

 Root Causes of Terror:


          No Identity Card to citizens

          Lack of quick response team

          Systems failure

          No coordination among systems


          Lack of right education

          Loop holes in Education system

          IQ & Reason

          Lack of Civic Responsibility

          Teachers fail to coordinate & counsel

          Misinterpretation of beliefs

          Lack of education at home

          Lack of moral education

          Marks oriented education



          Perceived Injustice

          Widening gaps in economy

          Resort to shortcuts for luxury

          Socio-economic inequality

          Lack of involvement of citizen

          Separate education for elite and lower strata

          Poverty, frustration

          Foreign Fund Flow


          Indiscipline lifestyle

          Lack of empathy


          Religious Intolerance

          Misinterpretation of sensitive matter

          Perceived insecurity among minorities

          Lack of right religious leadership

          Propaganda of faith

          Lack of true secular belief

          Community based institutions


Action Items for SAFE Mysore


          Identity card for citizens, tourists, commercial establishments

          Residents associations

          Interaction with Police

          Incident management

          Disaster management plan

          Assess and vigil sensitive areas

          Coordination of various systems

          Employee verification

          Awareness of terror tactics

          Strong communication strategy

          Communication network


          Moral education

          Civic responsibilities

          Education for politicians


          Optimal admission in schools

          Meditation in schools

          Strengthening faculty

          Individual attention at schools

          Sustenance of education


          Celebrate national festivals with patriotic fervor

          Women empowerment

          Entrepreneur Development

          Parents to spend time with children

          Know your neighbor

          Joint family system

          Residence/Mohalla committees

          Curb terroris recruitment

          Promotion of cultural and sports activities in residential localities

          Check Foreign Fund Flow


          Interfaith interaction

          Know your religion and other religion

          Reduce community based education institutions

          Celebrate festivals with other faith

          Seminar by religious leaders

          Religion to be taught after high school

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